Call For Papers

Call For Papers

Applying formal methods may involve the usage of different formalisms and different analysis techniques to validate a system, either because individual components are most amenable to one formalism or technique, because one is interested in different properties of the system, or simply to cope with the sheer complexity of the system. The iFM conference series seeks to further research into hybrid approaches to formal modelling and analysis: the combination of (formal and semi-formal) methods for system development, regarding both modelling and analysis. The conference covers all aspects from language design through verification and analysis techniques to tools and their integration into software engineering practice.

Areas of interest include but are not limited to:

     - Formal and semi-formal modelling notations

     - Combining formal methods

     - Integration of formal methods into software engineering practice

     - Program verification, model checking, and static analysis

     - Theorem proving, decision procedures, SAT/SMT solving

     - Runtime analysis, monitoring, and testing

     - Program synthesis

     - Analysis and synthesis of hybrid, embedded, probabilistic, distributed, or concurrent systems

     - Abstraction and refinement

     - Model learning and inference

See submission requirements for more details.